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It’s Super Easy To Invite Friends.

Invite as many friends as you want. When a friend joins, you’ll both receive a 20% reduced rate on your monthly membership dues at the Y.


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1. Confirm at the front desk that your email address is on file. All communications about this member loyalty program are communicated via email.

2. Visit our website,, and click on the “Share the Y & Save” icon.

3. Fill out and submit the “Share the Y & Save” form that requests your name and email address and your friend’s.

4. The YMCA will send an invitation via email to your friend to share a lower rate with you by joining the Y.

5. After your friend joins, your monthly membership auto-draft will be reduced by 20%, as long as you BOTH remain members in good standing.

6. If your friend’s membership is terminated, you have 30 days to invite a new friend to join before your monthly dues go back to the current rate.

*New Members who join will need to be in good standing for a minimum of 30 days before they are eligible to refer a buddy in the member loyalty program.

Member Loyalty Guidelines        Member Loyalty FAQ

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Thank you for joining the 20/20 Member Loyalty Program!

Your friend should be receiving an email from the YMCA right now giving them 20% off their new membership. See you both soon!

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