Swim Lessons

From swimming to team sports, our variety of programs offer fun, positive activities that build physical and social skills that encourage a lifetime of appreciation for active living.

Our four lane lap pool is the hub of activity for our swim lessons. Swim lessons are structured by age and swimming ability. Group and private lessons are available for ages 6 months through adult.


Parent/Child: Ages 6 months – 3 years

This program promotes water enrichment and  aquatic readiness activities for children and their parents. children in this program swim with a parent.

Preschool: Ages 3 to Kindergarten

This program teaches water adjustment  and basic swimming skills for children from thriee to five years of age. Children in this program swim with the instructor.

Pike – Develop safe pool behavior, adjustment to water, basic paddle, and floating skills.

Eel – Child should be comfortable in the water. Swimmer is taught to kick, dive, float, and paddle stroke. 

Ray – Tread water, rhythmic breathing, paddle stroke, and endurance.

Starfish – Improve stroke skills, floating, rotary breathing, and endurance.

Youth: Ages 6 and up

Polliwog – Swimmers become acquainted with the water, floatation devices, and pool. Paddle, side, and backstroke are taught.

Guppy – Floating, treading water, refinement of crawl and paddle stroke, and elementary backstroke introduction.

Minnow – Further refinement and endurance of front and back crawl, sidestroke with 25 yards of breatstroke, and dolphin kick introduction.

Fish – Endurance of 100 yards of front crawl, 50 yards of backstroke, sidestroke, breaststroke, and 25 yards of butterfly stroke.

Flying Fish – Endurance of 200 yards of front crawl, 100 yards of backstroke, breastroke, 50 yards of butterfly stroke, and 100 IM.

Shark – 100 yards of front crawl with start and flip turns and 200 IM.

Porpoise – 500 yard continuous swim and one session of volunteer swim instruction during one of our progressive swim lessons.

Check out our class schedules:

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