Yoga with Rich

Yoga with RichGroup X Video Workout Series This yoga class is awesome, not only do you find calm and inner peace through the soothing instruction, but the instructor challenges you to connect to your muscular strength by taking you through a series of beneficial poses, then works to increase your balance and flexibility.

Sue’s Quick Workout

Sue’s Quick WorkoutGroup X Workout Video Series Learn how to do the moves in a quick interval workout by this awesome trainer. She walks you through each move, and gives modifications and way to advance the move as well. You can do this workout anywhere, there is no equipment needed, print off the workout below.

Spinning with Bob

Spinning with BobGroup X Workout Video Series This exhilarating ride will take you on slow and steady hill climb, followed by fast paced flat roads. Increase your endurance and strength all while burning calories and having fun. The beginning of this video also contains a very helpful explanation on how to set your spin bike…

Restoritive Yoga

Restoritive YogaGroup X Workout Video Series Mentally relax and clear your mind while physically increasing your flexibility, muscle tone and strength. This instructors soothing voice and calming qualities help you find your inner tranquility. Restore and renew your body and mind…Namaste

Power Pilates

Power PilatesGroup X Workout Video Series This pilates class is like one you have never taken before! Its a 2 parter that starts off with a traditional floor pilates and then part 2 transitions into cardio with a great variety of equipment. There isn’t a body part that you won’t work. This workout will appeal…

Mixxedfit with Hillary

Mixxedfit with HillaryGroup X Workout Video Series This fun dance inspired class is motivational, and inspiring. Choreography is simple so you can focus on getting an amazing workout, the best part is no equipment is needed. Give this workout a try, we promise you won’t be disappointed. Dance your way to a fitter you!