Richard G. Snyder YMCA

Everyday, the Y strengthens our community and helps “US” who live here find the power of their full potential.

More Than A Fitness Center

The Y is more than a fitness center, a place to swim or play basketball. The Y is a community of people of all ages, abilities and incomes who come together to live healthier. We’re open to all and create spaces where you can be, belong, and become.

Our Impact

We’re transforming to do more for our communities.

Today, we are changing our model to become a more inclusive, purpose-driven entity. One built to ensure everyone in every community has equal opportunity.

Your membership is a vital part of this effort.

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Youth Development

All kids deserve the opportunity to discover who they are and what they can achieve, under the guidance of adults who care about them and believe in their potential. We see every interaction with young people as an opportunity for learning and development.

Healthy Living

Health and well-being are all about balance. That’s why we help people and families build and maintain healthy habits for spirit, mind and body in their everyday lives. By helping kids, adults, families and seniors from all backgrounds improve their health and well-being, we build a stronger community.

Social Responsibility

With our doors open to all, we work every day to connect people from all backgrounds and support those who need us most. We take on the most urgent needs in our community and inspire a spirit of service in return. Our members, volunteers, supporters and staff demonstrate the power of what we can achieve by giving back together.

Programs for All

We offer a variety of programs, classes and services for all ages, abilities, and stages of life. Our program offerings include summer camps, youth and adult sports, adult fitness, special needs, evidence-based wellness programs and more!

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Barbara A. Snyder Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is in the memory of the beautiful Barbara Ann Snyder. Barb’s passion was her family and friends and she deeply cared for others. Funds can be used for summer and special camps thru the YMCA, Church camps, and college or university of higher education, tech schools for instance, carpentry, welding, plumbing, and mechanical, truck driver, equipment operator, electrician or other training programs offered at Lenape Tech or similar schools.

We believe that building empowered and confident kids today, we are helping to assure that they will become contributing and engaged adults tomorrow.

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Aiden Rupp Scholarship

The Aiden Rupp Memorial Scholarship fund was established in 2012 at the Richard G. Snyder YMCA Campus. Aiden’s parents Tim and Amy Rupp created this fund in memory of their son whose life was cut short in a drowning accident in 2004. This trust has been created to fund swim lessons for children in need. Aiden loved the water and his memory is sure to live on in the new swimmers that are born each day.

Experience everything from live fitness classes, to daily activities for kids, to ways to stay connected, all from the safety of your home.

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