Coaching Connection

Coaching Connection

We want all of our members to get the most out of their experiences at the Y! Available to new and existing members to help you start on the path to success and reach your wellness goals.

What is Coaching Connection

Coaching Connection is a wellness program for Y members who want support to reach healthy living goals. Whether you want to jump start your healthy living journey or you need an extra boost to your current routine, this proven program is designed for you. Coaching Connections is designed to connect members with YMCA Wellness Coaches. Through this process, members can meet their wellness goals, make lasting changes and create relationships with YMCA staff members.



How it Works

The member schedules a series of coaching sessions over a six-week period. This allows the member to set realistic goals and apply lifestyle modifications. Your Wellness Coach will give you an opportunity to share your health history, talk with you about your goals, likes and dislikes, interests and work with you to create a plan to achieve your goals. The Y is committed to your success, so you can re-enroll in the program as often as you need.

To Get Connected

  1. Stop by the Welcome Center or click “Register Today” below to reserve your appointment.
  2. Show up for your appointed day/time to meet with your amazing Wellness Coach.
  3. Reserve your next appointment to stay on track!

For more information contact Hillary Brown, Director of Wellness.

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