Personalize Your Workout

YMCA Personal Training is a one-on-one, one hour time with a personal fitness trainer. Our personal trainers are educated professionals often with years of experience who can help any YMCA member including working professionals, new moms, seniors and triathletes. YMCA personal trainers come from as many different backgrounds and walks of life as our members do, and we take great care in matching members with the right personal trainer.

Your initial visit includes a review of your health history, lifestyle and goals. Your personal trainer can then help you achieve goals through one-on-one attention, accountability and expertise.

YMCA personal training is held at the YMCA, on land or in the water and incorporates many different elements and equipment.

Personal Training Packages

1 Session……….Member: $35……..Non-Member: $70

3 Sessions…….Member: $90…….Non-Member: $180

6 Sessions…….Member: $150…..Non-Member: $300

12 Sessions…..Member: $240…..Non-Member: $480

Dave Kuczynski

Personal Trainer

Dave is our new Personal Trainer. He is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, specializing in nutrition, weight loss and behavioral change. A lifelong strength training enthusiast, he also holds a BS degree from Penn State and an MBA from Villanova. His dog’s name is Moose.