The Richard G. Snyder Stingray swim team is a structured, competitive swim program that competes against other local, regional and state YMCA’s. The Stingrays are members of the WPYSL and of USA Swimming. While participating on the RGS YMCA Swim Team, swimmers will develop all the competitive strokes while working on their endurance skills. This traditionally strong program provides team coaching through disciplined water workouts for all level of swimmers. The swim meets are run by the Stingray Swim Team Parents Organization (SSTPO) and rely solely on all of our families to volunteer their time to run the meets successfully.


The Stingrays compete in the Y League swimming dual meets and invitationals throughout the winter season. Swimmers who achieve qualifying times have the opportunity to compete at the YMCA District, State, and Nationals levels. Those swimmers who choose to join USA Swimming can compete at USA AMS meets offered throughout the year. Please contact the coaches for more information about the USA Swimming program.


The winter season will run from September 10th through February.  Any swimmer who qualifies for a championship meet (i.e. Districts, States and Nationals) there will be an additional monthly fee. All Stingray swimmers must be members of the Richard G. Snyder YMCA in good standing and pay dues to compete.

**YMCA membership and USA Swimming athlete membership are required to participate on the RGS USA competitive swim team

RGS Stingrays will continue our year-round competitive swim team as a dual registered YMCA/USA Swim Team. Youth ages 6-21 can now compete at YMCA and USA swimming. The RGS Stingrays are continuing their swim season throughout the year for young swimmers wanting to focus more on their sport of choice.



Black Stingrays is for a seasoned swimmer who is serious about training and competing year-round. Rigorous in-water conditioning and endurance as well as competing at a top YMCA/USA level is a major priority of this group. Black Stingrays should aim to attend all 5 practices a week. Optional YMCA Coaching Connection is available for athletes 12 & older. **Training/competing at a Black level is by coach’s discretion. **

Orange Stingrays

is for a competitive junior level swimmer emphasizing on building stroke technique, endurance and racing skills for the competitive swim season. All strokes, turns, dives and conditioning will be the main focus of this group and steadily increased throughout the season. Orange Stingrays should aim to attend 4-5 practices a week. **Training/competing at an Orange level is by coach’s discretion. **

Blue Stingrays

is for a novice swimmer and any 8 & under swimmer that has had little to no competitive experience. Swimmers must be able to swim freestyle and backstroke the length of the pool without assistance. Emphasis will be placed on mastering skills in all four competitive strokes. Blue Stingrays should aim to attend 2-3 practices a week. **Training/competing at a Blue level is by coach’s discretion. RGS YMCA swim lessons may be suggested.**