The Y nurtures the potential of children through programs that strengthen character in our youth, engage families, and build lasting relationships.




Ages:                           2 – 18 Years Old

Our highly trained instructors give kids and teens a safe, supportive environment for learning the fundamentals of tumbling. Tumblers work on balance, flexibility, and    building from basic moves to more advanced techniques. The classes are organized according to level and age, which will facilitate fun and friendship, with physical education that lasts a lifetime.


Parent/Child: 2-3 years old. No experience necessary. Parent must stay

Preschool: 3-5 years old: No experience necessary. 3 year old must attend Parent Child class first unless approved by instructor.

Pre Beginner 1: 6-7 years old. No experience necessary (5 year old’s can be evaluated to attend this class)

Beginner 1: Must be 8 years old. No experience necessary (7 year old’s can be evaluated to attend this class)

Beginner 2: Must be 8 years old. Must have at least 2 year of experience. Must have a back walkover.

Back Handspring I & II: Invite only.


Dress code: Any athletic wear. leotards not required. Please pull hair up and out of face.

Parents are not allowed to stay for the class, but are allowed to watch the last 10 mins.


**Instructor may advance a child before age requirement.

**If skills/age are not met child will be moved to the correct class if there is an opening. An evaluation of the child’s skill can be done through appointments. Please contact the front desk.

Youth Adaptive Gym & Swim

Ages:                           4 – 14 Years old

Looking for something to get your child moving and active in? Our 8-week Youth Adaptive Gym & Swim program can accommodate anyone who has special needs. For the first half of the class, we will focus on various developmental games and activities in the gym. During the second half, we will work on swimming skills in the pool. All motor skills will be tailored to the particular needs and abilities of the individual child.

Youth Pick-Up Basketball

Ages:                Grades 7 – 12

Come and enjoy playing the sport you love with others in competition, while building relationships, exercising, and developing a healthier lifestyle. There is no need to sign up, just stop by and play.

Days/Times: Monday – Friday

2:30 – 5:00pm

Fees: This program is funded through the Annual Campaign and is available at no cost to the participants